Water Birth

Birthing Guidance

Family Focused

Once in labor, I will join you as soon as you're ready. I will be there to encourage you in whatever way you need- providing you with continuous emotional and physical support and answer any questions you may have. The combination of support and comfort from your family, myself and your birth attendant, is beneficial in facilitating your birth. 

My job is to help you achieve the birth of your dreams. I will work to discover which pain relief techniques work well for you, encourage you to move freely through out birth, remind you (and your loved ones) to drink and even take bathroom breaks (believe it or not this helps baby come faster).

As an experienced Doula, I offer personalized, hands-on support. My goal is to give you and your family the attention and knowledge you need during labor. I know birth, my job is to help you and your family navigate it.

After your baby is born, I will remain with you for at least the first hour after birth and can assist, if needed, with initiating breastfeeding.



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